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Generator Emcore

EMCORE electronic siren amplifier

EMCORE electronic siren amplifier customized for Szczęśniak Special Vehicles Sp. z o.o.

The EMCORE electronic siren amplifier is a device designed for use in emergency vehicles, which performs the functions of both the generator of various types of warning sound signals, microphone amplifier, lamp control and operation of other devices. The device generates basic warning sounds + air horn sound. It consists of 2 modules: a control unit and a central unit (amplifier). The keypad is connected to the central unit by a spiral cable and a DSUB type connector. A microphone located in the keypad enables the emission of oral voice messages at any time during generator operation. The unit is equipped with an input enabling emission of an acoustic signal from an external source. The device has 3 control channels for warning lights, it also allows to change the modulation using a horn.

The EMCORE electronic siren amplifier can work both with a dedicated control unit and independently, being controlled through external switches.

Nominal supply voltage12V lub 24V
Nominal power200W
Current consumptionStandby Max 1mA
Active Max 100mA
Max 12V – 16A, 24V – 8A
Impedance of connected speaker11Ω
Output voltage64Vpp
Operating frequency range500-1800Hz
Audio inputMax 5Vpp
Operating temperature range-20O°C ÷ +50O°C
Housing material of keypadABS
amplifier housing materialAluminium (thickness 1.5mm)

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